Why do website maintenance?

Websites need regular maintenance to keep it up, running & Secured. Especially if you are using WordPress. WordPress is a software platform that uses a lot of third-party software that is updated on a regular basis just like any application you have on your phone. These are what we call WordPress plugins, they require constant updates. Updates are essential in keeping website up, running and secured.

Cyber attacks are increasing by day, and several attempts have been made against famous WordPress sites. The advantage of WordPress is that it has a big community behind it, so security issues are found & addressed quickly. However regular website scans, login monitoring, and such activities need to be checked constantly.

Other times you might need to change something on your website (i.e, remove/add a page, paragraph, picture, info, etc.).


Website Maintenance Package includes:

  • WordPress plugin updates
  • WordPress new versions updates
  • WordPress theme edits
  • WordPress security checks & monitoring
  • Website support
  • Content management (including texts, images, videos)
  • Adding new posts
  • Search Engine Optimization tweaks
  • Fixing broken things
  • Installing SSL
  • Website usability testing
  • Google Analytics setup

How it works?

You can either request a monthly subscription where unlimited edits and all website maintenance is included in the package. Or you can purchase a block of hours where we can perform any number of tasks that fall under website maintenance within those hours.

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